St Andrews Money Mentors

Introducing the Student Money Mentors

Hi, we are the Money Mentors, St Andrews students working alongside the Money Advice Team in Student Services to make sure you have a great time at St Andrews, whatever your budget.

From cheap meal ideas to informing you about scams, these are some tips to help you save money. If there’s anything specific you would like some more information about, please let us know in the comments!

Who are we

Hi everyone! 

We are Lucy, Lina and Aimee, the University Student Money Mentors. We’re really looking forward to helping offer money saving tips and strategies. We will be researching and organising events to try and help you manage your money whether you’re a fresher or on the brink of life after uni. Keep an eye out on the Student Services Instagram for us! 

A bit about us: 

My name is Lucy and I’m a fourth-year undergraduate student studying a joint honours degree of Art History and English. I’m from Northumberland (north of Newcastle) and some of my hobbies are singing in a choir, crocheting and lace making. I’m really passionate about helping students who are not as financially well-off as others thrive in St Andrews! I’m thrilled to be continuing my role as a money mentor this year and working with Aimee and Lina. This year I’ll be focusing on how to support students in the move from finishing university and moving into the next stage of their lives.


Hi! My name is Lina and I’m a third year Psychology undergraduate student. I’m half Thai and half Korean, but grew up in Thailand. My hobbies include watching TV shows, drawing, and photography! Given my experiences as an international commuter student, I’m so excited to fulfil my role as one of the Money Mentors in order to provide more resources for students who identify similarly to me. I hope that us Money Mentors can become people you turn to for tips about your finances!

Hi, I’m Aimee a second-year Psychology student from Glasgow. In my free time, I take part in Saints Cheer, and I’m also a student ambassador. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to savour their time at St. Andrews, regardless of their financial circumstances, so I’m very excited to get started as a student money mentor to make sure this can happen. I’m looking forward to focusing on the transition into university and helping those who may be trying to navigate life ‘on their own’ for the first time.