Forgotten rights as a Tenant

Friday 21 July 2023
  1. You get your deposit back when you leave 

It must have been held in a government approved deposit scheme prior to this. They can withhold it to pay for damaged items or to cover the cost of cleaning so it’s a good idea to take pictures of how you left your property to be ready to dispute claims such as these. If you feel like something is not right and that they are unfairly taking your money, contact money advice for help and they will be able to provide you with more detailed information on how to help. 

  1. A minimum of 24 hours notice before a letting agency visits you (they shouldn’t just turn up unannounced) Unless it is an absolute emergency, legally, they need to give you this notice time. 
  1. They can’t evict you at short notice, without good reason. 
  1. In Scotland, they can’t ask for more than 6 months’ rent upfront 
  1. Your landlord is responsible for keeping your house safe and warm 

You should have safe access to gas and electricity as well as a functional water supply. If a problem arises with any of these, or for example, with the locks on your doors or windows which might threaten your safety, you should contact them immediately 

  1. Working smoke and carbon dioxide alarms for your safety 
  1. The property is not overcrowded 

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