Grow your own!!! 

Friday 21 July 2023


Not only can gardening be a cheaper way to get your hands on some vegetables, but it can also be really good for your mental health. 

Vegetable seeds are less than a pound a packet and once you’ve cared for your plant through its early stages and it’s become more established and hardier, the hard work is done, and you can reap the rewards. 

Things like tomatoes, courgettes, runner beans and sweet peas are very versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes (see our recipes section for some inspiration if you’re stuck). Other plants like strawberries are self-seeding so will come back year after year with lovely fruit for you to enjoy. 

Why plant your own? 

  • Home grown vegetables are nearly always tastier and better for you as you can make sure no artificial pesticides or growth aids are used in the growing process. 
  • Environmental benefits as well as personal ones (reduced plastic and carbon footprint). 

Planting and growing seeds for pleasure such as flowers can be a long-term project that doesn’t require large expenses. The enjoyment isn’t temporary like another night out might be, but rather you get to admire your handiwork for weeks, even months if done properly. 

For example, I started growing some sunflowers at the beginning of exam season. 

How should I grow? 

  • Choose a sunny spot of your garden or windowsill 
  • Try and deter slugs if you’re growing outside by using things such as copper bars which are better for the environment than slug pellets. 
  • Start off with something very low maintenance like salad leaves or peas, then you can finesse your skills and move on to trickier challenges! 
  • If you feel really daunted, why not try volunteering at the botanic gardens to reap the mental rewards or help out at one of the halls gardens and see what you can grow. 

If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry! Most of these will survive (even thrive better) in pots which take up less space and require less tools than planting them in the ground might. 

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