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Phishing emails and online scams

There has been an increase in the number of online scams going around, especially during the holiday period. Scammers often do this by ‘phishing’, which is when they send emails or texts containing links to malware to…

Last-Minute, Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts

For those who celebrate, the run up to Christmas can be hectic. So, when at university, consumed by exams throughout November and December, it’s no wonder that gifts are often left to the last minute. When you have…

Grocery shopping

For many, food has meaningful ties to home. Whether it be a niche cultural dish you constantly crave, or a family recipe passed down from centuries of ancestors, food can temporarily cure feelings of homesickness. …

Black Friday Sales

The 24th of November (although many deals and indeed scams begin earlier than this)  While there can certainly be some great deals out there on black Friday, many of these can be almost too persuasive.   It’s important…

Introducing the Student Money Mentors

Hello everyone!  We are Lucy, Aimee and Lina, the University Student Money Mentors. We’re really looking forward to helping offer money saving tips and strategies. We will be researching and organising events to try…

Finding a part-time job

If you’re struggling a little bit financially, getting a part time job can really make a massive difference. When to look: Before summer and Christmas are great times to find seasonal work that you can earn some money…

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