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Grow your own!!! 

  Not only can gardening be a cheaper way to get your hands on some vegetables, but it can also be really good for your mental health.  Vegetable seeds are less than a pound a packet and once you’ve cared for your…

Greek-Style Vegetable Wrap

If vacation had a taste, this would definitely be it. This low-effort, healthy and delicious lunch is one of my favourite go-to meals, and I hope it will be yours too! PREP TIME: 15 minutes COOK TIME: 30 minutes TOTAL…

Asparagus risotto

This creamy risotto costs just over a fiver to make but it will give you lots of leftover ingredients to use another time and for other meals so you’re saving money on those at a later date! If you don’t like…

Banana bread

A great way to use up any soft bananas mixed with staple baking ingredients you probably already have! The idea is that this is a cheap way to make something out of the bananas, assuming you already have baking powder,…

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